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Please take a moment to learn what we want to do by creating Fidalgo Christian Childcare:

Create a Place of Inspiration, Exploration and Creativity
A child explores their world through all five senses. We aim to create an environment, both indoors and outdoors, that is full of opportunities for sensory experiences—without being too overwhelming. Special effort will be made to create place for engaging in conversation and creation of valuable child-adult interaction, as well as peer-peer interaction. We hope to provide a setting that stimulates a child's development, and challenges them to excel in all areas of life, while still allowing them to be a child.

Instill Christian Morals, Values and Compassion for Others
We want the children to grow emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively as well as encourage spiritual growth and the development of Christian values such as: honesty, integrity, empathy, kindness, and respect for others and our environment.

Empower Families
Design a space for family interaction and learning through a series of parent programs dealing with health & wellness, parenting classes, and times for families to connect through community events.

Promote Community Involvement
We are blessed to live in a diverse community with a wide range of talented people of all ages. Through intergenerational interactions we aim to offer the children a wider world view and present a variety of unique learning experiences.

Offer Quality Care Providers
Every member of the staff would be hand selected by the board, and fully qualified. We aim to hire staff that see this as a long-term commitment so that your children has the opportunity for consistent caregivers.

Provide a Secure Space

Our center would be built with appropriate safeguards in place to keep your child protected, while also presenting a warm, inviting environment.   

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